Board and Other Contacts

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FHWCA Board Members:
President: Shared
Vice President: Sumeet Sharma            

Secretary: Tom Pappas                  
Treasurer:  Meena Jagasivamani     
Membership Chair: Craig Xu                       
Covenants Chair: Jordan Feinstein         
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Communications Chair: Parastoo Ghodsi             
At Large: Stephanie Polyzois
At Large: Aniket Dutta       
At Large: Wendy Lord
At Large: Brenda Sabiela
At Large: Giovanni Di Milia
At Large: Uri Mandelbaum             

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Other Contacts
Huntsman Editor & Social Chair: Ralph Nelson 
Block Hostess Coordinator: Mary Jane Frahm
IT Chair & Webmaster: Neil Waldman                  

Fox Hills West Citizens Association
PO Box 1811, Rockville, MD 20849

Many others serve as Committee Chairs.  Debra Bernal is School Laison.  Katie Leflore is in charge of maintaining our front entrance garden..  Linda Burgin is Outreach Committee Chair.  Norah Shire is chair of our Family Halloween Party.  Tom Betz continues to act as our Santa and coordinates our Annual Santa Fire Truck Ride.  Tom and Carol Betz coordinate our Annual Garage Sale.  Karen Friedman and Julie Koplan head up our House Tour. 

We welcome you as a volunteer as well as your ideas for any social or other projects.